Resource Library

“What happens if I train my people and
they leave?” is a common question when
thinking about professional development.
Consider instead “What happens if you
don’t train them, and they stay?”
Engage your employees with these
valuable audiobooks and video resources!

Audiobook App:
Listen to top thought leaders give you their best
ideas on Communication, Leadership, Personal
Development and much more. Use the TRL app
to make use of drive time. We can help match
titles to competencies and target areas you
desire to focus on. Choose from our extensive
library of business titles, for enrichment rather
than just entertainment. A monthly usage report
allows you to monitor and give credit for
employees’ self-development efforts. Set your
budget, authorize access for your employees
and when the two-week rentals are used up,
simply purchase more to keep maintaining your
competitive advantage.
• Only pay for actual usage
• Rentals you purchase don’t expire
• No monthly fees for non-usage
• No licensing fees

HR Magazine: “Companies that invest $1,500 or more per
employee per year average 24% higher profits.”

Online Video LMS:
(Learning Management System)
Videos under 10 minutes.
Content is engaging, creative and to the
point. Concise, innovative, video-based
eLearning. Employees can view anywhere,
at any time.
Easy to use. Intuitive course catalog search.
Administrators can set deadlines and
schedule reports. Most courses have a quiz
to verify understanding. Unlimited access
with annual licensing.
Personalize and customize the homepage
and login screen with your branding. You
can upload your own content too!

Accenture: for every $1 invested in training,
companies received $4.53 in return – that is 353%



  1. Increased productivity and performance
  2. Uniformity of work processes
  3. Reduced wastage
  4. Reduced supervision
  5. Promoting from within
  6. Improved organizational structure
  7. Boosted morale
  8. Improved knowledge of policies and goals
  9. Improved customer valuation
  10. Better workplace environment
  11. Improved and updated technology